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Hydroponic Monitoring System

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Hydroponic Monitoring System

The OsmoBot with its seven sensors, wireless capability, data logging function, and optional back up power strip will stand as the best and most affordable aquaponic & hydroponic monitoring system for the farmer of tomorrow.

How It Works



Hydroponic Air Temperature Monitor

Get live readings every 15 minutes of your systems:



Hydroponic Monitoring System

Use the OsmoApp to remotely access your system’s current and historic levels from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Set your thresholds for when you want to be notified if one of your variables is too high or low and let the OsmoApp send you a text or email to let you know.



Hydroponic Aquaponic pH Control

Say you’re on vacation and you get a text that your Dissolved Oxygen is low.

No problem, use the slider on the OsmoApp to provide power from the optional backup power-strip to the emergency backup pump you installed for just that reason.

Half an hour later, you get a text that your D.O. has returned to normal.

Access Live Data Anywhere



Hydroponic Aquaponic Monitoring From Smartphone

Analyze your variables for trends and anomalies with access to your system’s current and historical data.



Hydroponic Control From Smartphone

Customize your notification thresholds to fit the needs of your plants in the different stages of their grow cycle.



Hydroponic Monitor Maximize

Maximize your yields through ending the guesswork and make informed decisions based upon quantitative data.

All available on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC with the OsmoApp

Add Additional Sensors

After we launch the OsmoBot, we have a growing list Hydroponic Monitoring Sensorsof add-on sensors to design and get onto the market. From Carbon Dioxide, to EC/TDS, to Ammonia, our goal is for the base unit to act as a hub which you can add on any variable you could possibly care about in hydroculture and aquaculture.

This way, instead of paying for a bunch of sensors you don’t care about, you can customize your system with our range of future add-ons. Installing these additional sensors will be a snap as the software we’ve written is plug and play:

Add the sensor, set your desired thresholds on the OsmoApp, and begin getting live data.

Get Involved with the Design Process & More

Apply to Become a Beta Tester

We are running our Alpha Test unitsHydroponic Beta Tester right now to work out the major kinks. Once we have completed that process, we’re going to look to you to take the OsmoBot and the OsmoApp and tell us both what’s wrong and what is right about it. The best part, you can get an OsmoBot before anyone else, for FREE!

Interested? Check out our Beta Tester guideline page and fill out an application on the bottom. Two weeks before we send out the Beta Testers, we’ll let you know if we think you will be a good match.

Tell us What You Want to See on the OsmoApp

We are in the process of building and designing the OsmoAppHydroponic Monitoring App with the ability to analyze your data, customize your notification thresholds, and maximize your yield all remotely from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Once Completed, the OsmoApp will be an intuitive, simple and powerful piece of software that will allow you to both just do a quick check on your system or dive into historical data for analysis.

We are now working with a web developer to design the user interface and general flow. Because nothing is set, we want to get your thoughts and ideas! Check out this more detailed overview of the OsmoApp and comment below or email us with your feedback!

General Thoughts, Comments & Suggestions

Join the conversation! We get multiple emails a day from interested folks like yourself asking questions, offering feedback, and just sharing their excitement about the project. We are only human, and the more feedback we get now, the better a product and service the OsmoBot will be for everyone!

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Help Us Spread the Word

If you love the project and want to see us succeed, the best way you can help is to help us drive traffic to our site and then in a few months to our Kickstarter Campaign. The best ways you can spread the word are through:

  • Social Media – Share our page with your interested friends and connections.
  • Blog Posts – We’re perfect for your advanced gardening, hydroponic, aquaponic and/or tech blog.
  • Email – Old fashioned, but works the same. Share a link.
  • Word of Mouth – Show us to your involved, but less online savvy friends.

How To Get an OsmoBot

Hydroponic Aquaponic Monitoring System Affordable

We are extremely excited to get the OsmoBot on the market, and in order to do that we need your help. Right now we have a number of prototypes undergoing rigorous product testing. We’ve paid for these out of our own pockets which has been very expensive given the low numbers of units we ordered.

In order to hit our bulk discount goals and keep the OsmoBot affordable, we are going to need start up capital.

That’s where you come in. Instead of looking to faceless investors, we want to launch the OsmoBot with the help of interested backers like yourself on the crowd-sourcing site –

In return for your support, we will proudly offer the OsmoBot along with other rewards at vastly reduced rates compared to the retail price. And those who get there first stand to save the most with our Early Bird Specials.

So click below to like us Facebook, add us on Google+, and follow us on Twitter and our Newsletter. In addition to some fun development updates, we’ll keep you posted on our Kickstarter schedule and let you know the minute it goes live!

Learn More:

Our Kickstarter Video

The Birth of the OsmoBot

Expected Release in Early 2015

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