Intelligence to grow your fish farm

Osmo automates your critical water and feed operations to deliver more predictable and profitable yields all with intelligent plug & play technology.

Welcome to the Future of Aquaculture

Introducing the Osmo Aquaculture Operating System

Seamless hardware & software for high-performance aquaculture

Intelligent & Indestructible Hardware

Automate water quality monitoring, feeding, and bio-mass tracking to improve yields and FCR. Just plug it in and go.

Insanely Great Software

Get real-time alerts & notifications, analytics & insights, and volume discounts for feed and supplies, through advanced machine learning and big data.

Meet OsmoBot, the Monitor Designed for Land-Based Aquaculture

Continuously monitor dissolved oxygen, pH, NH3, nitrites, nitrates, turbidity, temperature, and salinity, from anywhere in the world

What Makes OsmoBot Different

Full Spectrum Sensors

The only multi-parameter water quality sensor designed specifically for aquaculture.

No Calibration Required

Plug it in and go. Optical sensors do all the work for you, no need for costly and time-consuming calibrations

Cost Effective

Built for you in mind, we designed a proprietary solution to bring your farm online without breaking the bank

Manage your Aquaculture Operation from the Cloud

Introducing powerful aquaculture software to streamline your operation

Real-Time Alerts

Set your tolerance thresholds and get real-time alerts

Powerful Reporting

Uncover new best practices with 100x more data

Enterprise Security

Enterprise-grade data compliance and security encryption

Full Pond Operations

Flexibly manage farms of all sizes

2 Minute Setup

Just plug in and connect, it’s that simple

Insights & Suggestions

Get a true handle on all that’s going on at your farm

Unlock your farm’s potential

Run your farm more efficiently than was ever possible before.

Improve Predictability

Automate water quality and feeding to generate higher, more predictable yields

Increase Profitability

Use data from every one of your ponds to continually improve yields and FCR

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