Intelligence to grow your shrimp farm

Osmo automates your water quality and feed management to optimize shrimp growth rates, FCR, and yields in every pond. Get the best return on your investment by automating your shrimp farm.

Welcome to the Future of Shrimp Farming

Automate your Shrimp Farm with the Osmo Aquaculture Operating System

Hardware & software designed for maximizing yields in shrimp production

Hardware Built for Shrimp Ponds

Automate water quality monitoring and feeding with cloud-connected proprietary sensors built specifically for extensive and intensive ponds.

Software Built in Silicon Valley

Get real-time alerts & notifications, analytics & insights, and organizational management tools with advanced machine learning and big data.

OsmoBot: Simple & Affordable Aquaculture Monitoring

Continuously monitor dissolved oxygen, pH, NH3, nitrites, nitrates, turbidity, temperature, and salinity remotely from anywhere in the world

What Makes OsmoBot Different

Full Spectrum Sensors

The only multi-parameter water quality sensor designed specifically for generating the best yields in shrimp farming.

No Calibration Required

Plug it in and use. Optical sensors do all the work for you, no need for costly and time-consuming calibrations. Save money and time.

Cost Effective

Built for you in mind, we designed a proprietary solution to bring your farm online and generate a fast ROI.

Manage your Shrimp Operation from the Cloud

Introducing powerful aquaculture software to streamline your farm and manage it remotely

Real-Time Alerts

Get SMS & email alerts the moment something goes wrong

Powerful Reporting

Uncover new best practices with 100x more data

Enterprise Security

Enterprise-grade encryption and data security

Simple User Hierarchies

From owner to the manager, flexibly manage farms of all sizes with customizable data access levels.

2 Minute Setup

Get your whole farm online and operating remotely in the cloud in minutes

Insights & Suggestions

Use data to make the best decisions for your bottom line and ROI.

Unlock your farm’s potential

Run your shrimp farm more efficiently than was ever possible before.

Protect your Ponds

Automate water quality and feeding to generate more predictable growth rates and yields

Always be Improving

Automate the analysis of every harvest on every pond to always be improving your bottom line

Interested? Tell us a little about your monitoring needs and we’ll get in touch shortly.