A water quality sensor built for the pond

We’re building a new class of aquaculture water quality sensor that is simple to maintain and easy to afford so you can start monitoring your fish or shrimp pond online.

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Osmobot: The Innovation Aquaculture Has Been Asking For

All Key Water Quality Parameters

  • First: dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, NH3 (ammonia), temperature
  • Soon: Salinity and Water Color


  • 90% less upfront than equivalent systems
  • Continuously monitor your pond starting at just $1/day

Simple to Maintain

  • Cartridges, not probes means no more tricky calibrations
  • Biofouling sensor eliminates guessing if the probe is dirty

Why Monitor your Shrimp or Fish Pond Online?

Aquaculture is modernizing and the benefits of continuous monitoring of fish and shrimp ponds is clear.

Boost Survival Rates

1. Catch DO crashes before they become critical

2. Save your animals from living in stressful conditions

Feed more intelligently

1. Improve FCR by feeding when conditions 
are optimal

2. Shrimp and fish will eat in poor water quality condition, but the calories are converted to maintaining health, not growth

Protect Against Disease

1. A stress-free environment is the best protection against disease

2. Good water quality allows your animal’s natural defenses to be their strongest

Why Other Water Quality Sensors Don’t Work In Aquaculture

Given the benefits of continuous pond monitoring online, we asked ourselves why farmers aren’t using existing aquaculture monitors.

  • Price: $4,000
  • Number of probes: 1
  • Price: $3,000
  • Number of probes: 3

Farmers from Thailand to Ecuador told us, the problem is with the sensors. Existing sensors are built for wastewater plants and laboratories. They are very precise, but too expensive and too difficult to keep calibrated and clean in a shrimp or fish pond.

Osmobot: Innovation at the Sensor Level

We are redesigning a new kind of water quality sensor by combining two cutting edge sensing technologies to meet the price and maintenance needs of aquaculture farmers.

  • Optical Sensing meets Computer Vision


  • Fraction of the cost of equivalent systems


  • Built to be maintained in a bio-active shrimp pond

Simple Farm Management Software

Running your farm on paper or excel and looking to make the jump to the cloud? We got you covered.

Automated Water Quality Data

  • 24/7 alerts and alarms
  • Look through historical data to analyze the cause of events

Improve How you Farm

  • Enter feeding, growth, survival, and yield data
  • Correlate with water quality and hidden best practices for your farm

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