The future of aquaculture is digital

Osmo automates water quality monitoring so you can focus on improving growth rates and yield. Catch dangerous trends before they become a problem with our simple and affordable system.

Why isn’t the aquaculture industry online?

After years of research, we designed the Osmobot to overcome common barriers to automating water quality monitoring

Aquaculture First

The only full-spectrum water quality sensor designed specifically for land-based aquaculture.

No Calibration Required

Staying accurate only takes a simple cartridge replacement. No lengthy, difficult recalibration.

Priced for Your Farm

Bring your farm online for up to 80% less than existing continuous monitors on the market.

Manage your farm from anywhere

Introducing simple aquaculture software to protect your farm and manage it remotely

Timely Alerts

Get texts or emails when a pond needs attention

Powerful Reporting

Easily share information with your team

Secure Data

Your data is protected and never shared

Multiple Users

Customize what each employee can see

Quick Setup

Get your whole farm online in minutes

Insights & Suggestions

Continuously improve your farm

Interested? Tell us a little about your monitoring needs and we’ll get in touch shortly.