30 Nov 2018
Aquaculture 2.0? GPS Group and their Mission to Bring Electricity to Ecuador’s Shrimp Farms
Written by Zach Stein



GPS Group – Bringing Electricity to Shrimp Farms in Ecuador

Zach Stein: [00:00:00] OK here my friend. Zach here. I am with Patricio and Alberto from the GPS group and Aquaculture 2.0. Gentlemen, how are you today?

Patricio: [00:00:12] We’re Great, yeah. I think. It’s crazy, we’re experiencing a nice day today.

Zach Stein: [00:00:21] Patricio, Will you tell me a little bit more about what you guys do for Aquaculture 2.0.

Patricio: [00:00:28] Where we’re leading in Ecuador this very important project, trying to change the use of diesel to electricity. In order to have an economical impact, social impact. But especially for sustainability. Because we Believe in sustainable shrimp.

Zach Stein: [00:00:49] Excellent, Yeah and Alberto what do you see a, if you’re a shrimp farmer. What is the future of shrimp farming in Ecuador.

Alberto: [00:00:54] Well we’re dealing with a new scenario with prices around the world, we are aiming to improve the competitiveness of shrimp farming in Ecuador, So, I see the future in shrimp farming incorporating more technology and doing more efficient operations.

Zach Stein: [00:01:18] And Patricio, for you bringing electricity to the farm, you see it is critical for Ecuador’s Future. Why?

Patricio: [00:01:30] Basically because of competitiveness. The shrimp farmer needs to focus on how to be more better profits and when you use electricity, you’re able to use technology. And also you are being very friendly with the environment. That’s why we believe it’s crucial to use electricity instead of diesel.

Zach Stein: [00:01:58] Gentlemen, Alberto, how if someone wants to get in touch with you and learn more about Aqua 2.0, How do they do so?

Alberto: [00:02:05] You Can contact us through all of the networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also you can reach us through instagram. Follow us at GPS,Ecuador and www.acuatulradelfultura.com.

Zach Stein: [00:02:31] Gentlemen thank you so much. Thank you very much

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