11 Jan 2019
Low Shrimp Prices; Invest in Farm Efficiency
Written by Zach Stein

Shrimp Prices are Still Low and May be Here to Stay

With 2018 wrapping up, the industry saw shrimp prices at levels that have not been seen since pre-EMS.

Even with White Spot eliminating up to half of India’s total production, the globe still experienced a “oversupply” and the prices that farmers could command at the farm gate suffered as those further up the supply chain maintained their margins. 

While there is always the potential of another disease going pandemic (knock on wood), it seems like the days of crazy margins on standard production may be behind us. 

Fix What You Control

For the moment, shrimp and fish farmers have little control over their collective bargaining power and the supply-side of the equation for shrimp (until the SSP really takes off). 

So what can farmers do? If they can’t control the price they receive for their shrimp, they can control the costs they incur to raise those shrimp. 

We have traveled the world looking at farms and the good news is that until now, the high shrimp prices have allowed farmers to not do much to improve how they farm. So there are still a lot of low-hanging fruit to improve shrimp farm efficiency

Ideas for Improving Farm Efficiency

Hire a Consultant – this might sound basic, but a good consultant, with fresh eyes, can see many of the gaps and inefficiencies in your operation.

Build a Nursery – We’ve seen a rise of these around the globe (see our post here), but they can have a dramatic impact on the survival and growth rate of your animals while maximizing the time while they are in the grow out ponds. 

Invest in Autofeeding – While this will not necessarily lower your FCR, it will very likely give your growth rate a MAJOR boost.

Monitor Water Quality – From survival to growth to FCR, your water quality is key to the health of your animals.


This is only the start of things you can do to increase farm efficiency. Switching over from diesel, higher stocking densities (or lower stocking densities!), and improved biosecurity are all ways to cut your costs and improve your farm efficiency. 

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