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Insights on what the shrimp and fish farms of the future will look like: from genetics to pond design, to artificial intelligence.

13 Mar 2019
Shrimp Farming: How to Work With Feed Companies and All of Their New Technology
We’ve seen the trend of all major shrimp feed companies investing heavily in the technology that they can provide their customers in addition to feed. From software, to autofeeders, to disease analysis, to video consutling, feed companies are doubling down on the services they can...
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06 Mar 2019
Choosing a Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Your Shrimp Pond
Dissolved oxygen sensors are the most critical sensors to have on your farm. Dissolved oxygen is the parameter that can change the fastest and it can have immediate and devastating impacts on your animals. Many farms monitoring dissolved oxygen with handheld sensors today but with...
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27 Feb 2019
Aquamimicry and Synbiotics in Shrimp Farming – Are They the Future?
What We’re Hearing We’ve been hearing a lot in our travels about the new water management practices of aquamimicry or synbiotics in shrimp farming. We had some questions ourselves, so in this post, we will explore what they both are, how they are reportedly helping...
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