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10 Jul 2019
Pond Aquaculture and the Risk of Algae Crashes
One of the great risks in an algae-based aquaculture pond is that of an algae crash. This occurs when algae blooms, reproducing quickly and photosynthesizing during the day only to die off in the late afternoon in early evening. The death of so much organic...
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03 Jul 2019
The Danger that Lurks in the Night: Low Dissolved Oxygen in Pond Aquaculture
We are building an entirely new kind of water quality monitoring system for aquaculture and the biggest fear we hear from farmers, especially those without aeration, are drops in dissolved oxygen at night. Not only can this leave the animals in stressful conditions where they...
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26 Jun 2019
What Causes pH to Drop in a Shrimp Pond
pH is one of the key water quality parameters shrimp farmers need to track. pH drops or swings can stress your animals and extended periods of time outside of safe pH ranges can put them in danger of disease, death, or ammonia poisoning. In this...
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