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Insights on what the shrimp and fish farms of the future will look like: from genetics to pond design, to artificial intelligence.

03 Apr 2019
Five Ways to Cut Costs on the Shrimp Farm
In 2018, the price of shrimp dropped at the farm gate to the point that some farmers actually lost money on their harvests. For years, shrimp farmers have been able to get away without optimizing their practices because of the historically high prices and globally...
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27 Mar 2019
Is Hyper-Intensive the Future of Shrimp Farming?
We have had the luxury of traveling the world and have visited some of the most intensely stocked (250-400 PL’s/sq m) to some of the least (6 PL’s/sq me). In general, what we find people get the most excited about the opportunities on the more...
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20 Mar 2019
North American and European Indoor Shrimp Farms are Growing, Can they Compete?
As we have been preparing for the launch of Osmobot, we have been speaking with more and more shrimp farmers around the world. When we first began, most farmers we spoke with were from the main shrimp producing areas: Southeast Asia, and Latin America. But...
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