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Insights on what the shrimp and fish farms of the future will look like: from genetics to pond design, to artificial intelligence.

17 Sep 2019
Why It’s Really Hard & Expensive For Shrimp Farms to Get Loans
The farmed shrimp industry is massive and growing quickly. Such growth attracts affordable capital as they see the opportunity to return nice profits through extending loans. This drives down the interest rates of loans, which allows industry players to invest in long term projects that...
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11 Sep 2019
Why Shrimp Farmers Can’t Get Crop Insurance
We have been talking with a lot of farmers and aquaculture insurance companies about why shrimp farmers cannot get crop insurance and what the impact of it is on their business. In this post we explore why this is and what the future might look...
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04 Sep 2019
Artificial Intelligence on the Shrimp Farm: Osmobot
We have been hard at work on bringing Osmobot, a water quality sensor, and monitoring system built for fish and shrimp ponds, to market. In this post, we’d like to share some of our latest advances and what they mean for our customers.  Latest Osmobot...
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