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Insights on what the shrimp and fish farms of the future will look like: from genetics to pond design, to artificial intelligence.

20 Feb 2019
Why We Support Farm Raised Shrimp (And You Should Too)
We Began as Aquaculture Skeptics Osmo Systems journey began in a tangential industry to farm raised shrimp and fish – hydroponics and aquaponics or indoor farming. Our motivation to help indoor farming improve were both economic and altruistic – we believed there was great opportunity...
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13 Feb 2019
Computer Vision in Shrimp Aquaculture
How Computer Vision Can and Will Change Shrimp Farming Computer vision is changing every industry, so how will it impact shrimp aquaculture? We’re in a unique position as a company: even though we are operating in aquaculture, our expertise is in technology. Being in Silicon...
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06 Feb 2019
Theft In Shrimp Aquaculture
How to Avoid Night Harvesting We’ve traveled all of the world visiting shrimp farms and one of the biggest frustrations we hear is the amount of theft that occurs in shrimp aquaculture. Some farmer’s we’ve spoken with estimate that roughly 20% of their product leaves...
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