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Review: Economics of Sustainable Shrimp Production

While the shrimp farming industry has exploded in recent years, farm-level data on the sustainable intensification of shrimp production methods has not. In Economics of Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture: Evidence from Shrimp Farms in Vietnam and Thailand, the authors offer some of the first analysis on farm-level effects of varying levels of production intensification. This […]

by Tess Pfister • February 26, 2018

Top 5 Sustainable Farmed Fish & Seafood

One of the major pushes towards 100%  sustainable farmed fish and seafood across the globe is the possibility for increased food production without increasing used natural resources. With new technological advances in aquaculture and agriculture, farmed seafood is losing its undeserved bad reputation and emerging as the new environmentally friendly and healthy option for seafood […]

by Tess Pfister • February 26, 2018

Why Shrimp Farming? OsmoBot’s Story

Our Mission We believe that to save our oceans, we need to allow shrimp farming to outcompete with wild capture in terms of quality, taste, sustainability, and price. Who We Are Zach Stein (CEO) and James Regulinski (CTO) met when they were four years old. They have been best friends ever since. Zach’s path towards […]

by Tess Pfister • February 12, 2018

EMS – How Early Mortality Syndrome Changed Shrimp Farming

In a world with an ever-increasing population, shrimp farmers across the globe have begun to abandon traditional poly-culture farms and turn towards increasingly technologically advanced monoculture and intensive farms in order to meet the world’s growing food demands. Lucrative, efficient and necessary, these farms are a huge step in optimizing the shrimp industry, where farmed […]

by Tess Pfister • February 9, 2018

The Hidden Cost of Shrimp Fishing

While the practice of land-based shrimp farming has its own environmental set backs, their collective impact seems to pale in comparison to the catastrophic destruction caused by the most widely used wild shrimp fishing technique – trawling. Often referred to as “bulldozing the sea,” shrimp trawling works by taking a large weight net and dragging […]

by Zach Stein • November 6, 2017