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26 Jun 2019
What Causes pH to Drop in a Shrimp Pond
pH is one of the key water quality parameters shrimp farmers need to track. pH drops or swings can stress your animals and extended periods of time outside of safe pH ranges can put them in danger of disease, death, or ammonia poisoning. In this...
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20 Jun 2019
Ammonia Stress in Pond-Based Aquaculture
Ammonia is a natural by-product of any fed aquaculture and if unmeasured and not taken care of can lead to significant long term stress on shrimp and fish in ponds. In this post, we’ll explore the mechanics of how ammonia builds up in a pond,...
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12 Jun 2019
Do I Need to Track Redox (ORP) in my Shrimp Pond?
We are making a new kind of sensor for shrimp ponds and we sometimes get asked the question – what about ORP or Redox sensors? It’s a good question as there is a lot of information out there, so we want to share what we’ve...
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