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Insights on what the shrimp and fish farms of the future will look like: from genetics to pond design, to artificial intelligence.

21 Aug 2019
How to Choose an Aerator for Your Shrimp Farm
We have traveled the world touring shrimp farms and have seen all kinds of types of aerators at different shrimp farms. Electric, diesel, plastic, metal. In this post we want to share what we’ve learned and what you should look for when looking for new...
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14 Aug 2019
Should You Use Probiotics of Other Bacterials in Your Shrimp Ponds?
When we travel to other countries, we talk with many farmers and probiotic manufacturers who swear by their effectiveness.  But often when we talk with researchers, particularly in the US, they disparage them as “snake oil” and decry their effectiveness.  So who should you believe?...
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07 Aug 2019
60% of Farmed Shrimp is still “Avoid” On the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood List – This Must Change
The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch is where savvy consumers of seafood go to track what kind of seafood to eat so that they can have the lowest environmental impact possible. The seafood industry is notoriously complex and hard to track, so the aquarium, in...
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